Elav 13 Group is a young and dynamic company located in Concesio, Brescia, this is a strategic position and one of the company's strengths Thanks to its staff's expertise, Elav 13 Group aims to listen to the needs of its customers and especially to interpret, understand and achieve them, in order to guarantee a service that aims at excellence. From its beginnings the company has been aware that customer satisfaction and the achievement of

results would only be possible through affability, flexibility, along with great passion. These characteristics make the company a landmark in the industry. The development of innovative techniques allow everyday the realization even of the most complex needs. Punctuality and prompt deliveries are also two essential points on which the company was built. The trust from customers and respect of human relationships are also very

important. Elav 13 Group is an energetic, creative and up to date company, always looking for new challenges and objectives to be achieved: for this reason it uses a responsible and experienced staff, ready to welcome any kind of request.


Research and Development

Elav 13 Group deals with mechanical design and pledges to assist the industries of this sector, throughout the entire project. From the conception of the idea, we will develop the study until we get to a variety of solutions in order to satisfy at best our customers needs. It's a tangible design in all of its parts, from the particular to the whole, because it is intended to the product in its...

Free Business

The company offers free business consulting service available to all those who need to find suppliers for the manufacture of articles of any kind and any sector of industries, from mechanics to electronics, to the chemical industry. Our main purpose is to give support and accelerate the development of your company. We make our expertise and knowledge ...

Mechanical Machining

The workshop carries out mechanical machining with different types of CNC machines, including 5-axis machining centers, needed to perform the most complex requests, and lathes. The CNC machines offers us to work quickly and accurately in the various stages of production. All the machines used by us are highly reliable and flexible...



Where we are


Elav 13 Group

Operational Headquarters
Via G. Falcone, 157
25062 Concesio
(Brescia) Italy
Tel. 030-7281121
Fax 030-7281832

Prototypes and Technical Articles

The prototype is the initial draft of a model that will be played later in mass production. The role of the prototype is of primary importance, then as now, because of its indispensabile need for industrial production. The term is mostly used to refer to devices, machines and vehicles and derives from the greek πpωτότυπος‚ (prototypos) ...