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Research and Development

Research and Development

Elav 13 Group deals with mechanical design and pledges to assist the industries of this sector, throughout the entire project. From the conception of the idea, we will develop the study until we get to a variety of solutions in order to satisfy at best our customers needs. It's a tangible design in all of its parts, from the particular to the whole, because it is intended to the product in its functional aspect. With our highly qualified team, we are able to design products and equipments, using CAD-CAM 2D-3D stations and to develop 3D projects. In fact, the setting and the processing of the details of the various component parts of the project are based on our versatility and expertise. But human resources alone are not enough, hence the importance of computerization. Only thanks to a continuous technological updating, we are able to offer you the best. The use of high-precision workstations and the best programming languages, combined with our experience, allows us to provide the perfect service. The rapidity, high quality and customer support along with a great passion for the work we do, are the engine that allows us to always look ahead and to continually renew ourselves.

Accuracy is another key point: the work is performed and checked meticulously thanks to skilled workforce that employs sophisticated tools for measurment and control In short, after fully understanding the customers' needs and analyzing the costs, we go through the elaboration of the definitive study of the starting idea, complete with documentation. We will assist you in every step in order to realize the final prototype.

Our quality control systems:

  • Hardness Test
  • 3D Controls
  • Traceability of Products

And the productive sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical