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Prototypes and Technical Articles

Prototypes and Technical Articles

The prototype is the initial draft of a model that will be played later in mass production. The role of the prototype is of primary importance, then as now, because of its indispensabile need for industrial production. The term is mostly used to refer to devices, machines and vehicles and derives from the greek πpωτότυπος (prototypos) "original", consisting of πpωτό (protos) "first" and τυπος (typos) "impression". Rapid prototyping is a set of industrial technologies aimed at realizing quick and accurate functional prototypes from a mathematical 3D model. Elav 13 Group offers rapid prototyping services using the best technologies available on the market in order to fully and very quickly meet customer's requirements. Rapid prototyping, an accurate and reliable technique, has many fields of application because it has no limits of forms and also various are the materials which can be used. In addition, high precision techniques allow us to create a model that enable us to assess accurately the mass production and then to examine the functionality of the product in order to make any necessary changes. We produce different types of prototypes: nylon prototypes, aluminium prototypes and steel prototypes. To build an industrial prototype the required time varies from a few hours to a maximum of To build an industrial prototype the required time varies from a few hours to a maximum of a few days.

The technique to create a model is through deposit and stratification, unlike the classical removal of the material through the machine tool Another option is to build prototypes from solid blocks of alluminium or steel, or through lost-wax casting and then finished with mechanical machining Elav 13 Group uses both technologies to better meet customer's requirements As a finalstep, a dimensional check is made to ensure that the prototype complies with the dimensions and tolerances required. The high standards of materials' quality, the meticulousness of our team and continuous innovation enable us to offer you the optimal solution for your every need.

Elav 13 Group also offers the possibility to scan objects to get a 3D solid.


Trasformation of any object in a digital 3D Model

By the mathematical model's construction from scan, we get the realization of the prototype.